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MA Fine Art Degree Show 2018. Shirley Sharp MA

Re Re Manifest Dustgatherer

Re-Re-Manifest-Dustgatherer. 2018. Sam Johnson MA


Exciting news……CLaSH is celebrating their 3 year Anniversary.

Open Network Group, invited artists are given the opportunity to come and meet at CLaSH to share work, thoughts and their practice in a supportive environment.

We are delighted to announce CLaSH Artspace has expanded. We now have 8 professional practicing artists.

You can expect to see us working across all forms of fine art, illustration and design, including drawing, painting, print making, installation pieces, performance and sculpture.

The studio ethos is to recruit graduates as well as professional artists that supports local and emerging creative talent from the area. The success of CLaSH can be demonstrated through our artists diverse achievements. With our artists regularly exhibiting and achieving success in national competitions.

For further information or any queries regarding studio hire please email  clarethatcher@me.com or she.sharp@blueyonder.co.uk. Clash Artspace, Grovesend Road, Thornbury, BS35 2EF.