Sam Johnson

2015 – 2017           MFA (Master of Fine Art) at Northumbria University.

2012 – 2015           BA (HONS) Fine Art at Northumbria University.

2011 – 2012           Foundation Degree in Fine Art at Barnsley College.

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The role of choreography is heightened in the balance of conceptual and physical elasticity.     

Unifying, consistently i  n  f   o  r  m  i  n  g and

                                             i   n   t   e   r   w  e  a  v  i n g through each other.

Elasticity is a potent word in my thinking and making processes, arriving from research into forensic architecture and the impact on materials through s t r e t c h i n g before they hit their maximum stress points.

A focus of my work investigates these stress points of materials and how actions I make may impact them. 

By pushing physical properties of a material I am able to uncover elements that spark a response in repetition and process, creating a cyclical flow that constructs a form. 

Navigational properties prevalent in the encounter run parallel to an exploration into the compositional form of text and the choreography of written structure. Informed by writing techniques in constructivist texts and concrete poetry, there is a developing undercurrent of playfulness that fuels the relationship between structural and written language.

Said playfulness prompts a required                                     navigation, exploring the encounter and what can be uncovered through interaction.

Elasticity projects itself, a methodology of experimenting with layers of materials, space, and concept.

I am unpicking a balance between exposing and manipulating a materials physically elastic properties, and presenting them in a

                                                                    context that represents their conceptually elastic properties. Such as, the push and pull of a navigational path through the work.

My practice engages with environments and sites it situates in through a process of push and pull. I aim to stretch the conceptual boundaries of a space and open up avenues to what can be discovered – through the work – through the environment.


Left: “From Constructions to Compositions: An Industrial Principle”
Right: “From Constructions to Compositions: An Aesthetic Sign”