Sally Coulden


MBA. Kingston University London.  2002 – 2003

Foundation Fine Art Degree. Bristol School of Art, UK 2014 – 2016

Studied under Kate Semple, stone mason & sculptor 2015 – 2016

6 months ‘Abstraction’ 1:1 mentoring program (full time) 2017

(Caroline Hulse FRSA)



Sally’s instinctive approach to painting is predominantly abstract. It’s important for her to work with a strong vibrant colour palette which she uses to translate her energy and vigour into her work. She tends to work on large canvases or perspex, which provides room to be expressive in an expansive non-contained way! Bigger the better!

Through Sally’s paintings she explores her personal transition from the contained complexity, both physical and psychological of the corporate world into one of non-containment and freedom of self-expression, influenced and inspired by the Abstract Expressionists of the 1940’s. Sally’s work is free of explicit politics and works to abstract perceived figurative complexity whilst delivering expressive and emotional imagery. Gestural mark-making and line is pivotal to express spontaneity and energy. Her preference is to work with a strong colour palette on large surfaces. Artists such as Patrick Heron and John Hoyland provide stimulus and insight into large scale, bold use of colour.